Middle school band rehearsing

Notes of growth: CU students lead middle school musicians to success


4月26日, the participants of the Middle School Ensemble program fine-tuned their pieces one last time. When the doors opened and the lights dimmed, the middle schoolers giddily looked around for their families and waited for their turn to shine on stage.

Planetesimal orbits around a white dwarf

Hungry, hungry white dwarfs: Solving the puzzle of stellar metal pollution


In results reported in a new paper, graduate student Tatsuya Akiba with JILA Fellow and Professor Ann-Marie Madigan and undergraduate student Selah McIntyre believe they’ve found a reason why these stellar zombies eat their nearby planetesimals.

阿米尔Behzadan demonstrating AI on a monitor

CU Boulder pioneers culturally sensitive AI solutions for disasters


阿米尔Behzadan, professor in the Department of Civil, 环境al and Architectural Engineering, hosted a workshop where participants were introduced to human-centered AI applications in disaster management and encouraged to work toward ways to adopt AI-informed solutions.

A sign that says stay home

Social distancing plus vaccines prevented 800,000 COVID deaths, but at great cost


比如封锁, school closures and masking worked surprisingly well to contain infections long enough for a vaccine to be developed, 新的研究表明. But with better planning, the authors say, the U.S. could manage future pandemics with less economic pain.

Seema Sohi

CU scholar wins support for research on political polarization


Associate Professor Seema Sohi is one of 28 Andrew Carnegie fellows who will receive stipends of $200,000 each for research that seeks to understand the polarization of society and how to strengthen democracy.

leukocytes attacking a cancer cell

National Cancer Research Month: 7 CU Boulder discoveries that could improve, save lives


From developing new therapies to help patients cope with anxiety to discovering new ways to treat resistant breast cancer and new environmentally friendly methods for producing chemotherapy drugs, CU Boulder researchers are pushing boundaries in cancer research.

Primate with large, brown eyes and big ears in the branches of a tree at night

In South Africa, tiny primates could struggle to adapt to climate change


Researchers led by CU Boulder primatologist Michelle Sauther walked the paths of the Lajuma Research Centre in South Africa at night, keeping an eye out for the glowing eyes of galago primates, 或bushbabies. The team's findings reveal troubling hints about how small animals may adapt to extreme temperatures.

Illustration of Venus seen from space with colored spheres flying around

金星上几乎没有水. 一项新的研究可能会揭示其中的原因


Billions of years ago, Venus may have held as much water as Earth. Now, it harbors 100,000 times less water than our planet. A new study from planetary scientists at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and 空间 Physics (LASP) dives into how that water disappeared.

Bill Porter appears at the Met Gala in entirely gold beaded attire, including large wings extending beyond his hands.

是时尚还是服装? 有时两者都有


Associate Professor Markas Henry reflects on the sometimes vague or even non-existent line between clothing and show—a distintion that can blur at the annual Met Gala.

Tissue stained pink seen under a microscope

Geologists, biologists unearth the atomic fingerprints of cancer


Earth scientists have long turned to minute differences in hydrogen atoms to explore the ancient history of our planet. A new study suggests that these same tiny atoms could one day lead to new ways to track the growth of cancer.